– in alphabetical order - to be continuously updated)

Vendor [link] Products [link] Service(s) Test Applications
MegaSig VQ Bench R&D, Production Test
Candela Technologies
3adesign Ltd.
Cinetix Telecom Solutions
Listen Inc. SoundCheck R&D, Production Testing, Feature Testing
NextGen Technology Ltd.
Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH
LINE Plus Corporation
Ittiam Systems Incorporated
Apple Inc.
X-Fabric GmbH
DINGLI Corp., Ltd.
DTS, Inc.
DTV Consulting Frankreich
Facebook Technologies, LLC
Far Networks
Mobileum, Inc.
Mobile Integration Workgroup MCellblock, Mobile Test Automation Automation of user Test Cases & Test Object List, custom system design, On-Site Resident Engineer and automation services High Scale Automated Mobile Network Testing – Using Real Devices. Perform 5G services validation for Device, Network, and Application Testing including voice QoS. Test areas with R&D, Labs, & Production.
ZTE Corporation
MediaTek Inc.
Vonage Holdings Corp.
KODIAK Networks, Inc.
Trafficlink AG
Zero BB, spol. s.r.o.
A1 Telekom Austria AG
DEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U.
Hangzhou Huaxing Chuangye Communication Technology Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Jinshuo Information and Technology Co., Ltd.
Orchestra Technology, now part of L&T Technology Services family
Audiocodes Ltd.
Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd.
Segron s.r.o.
Shenzhen BytePivot Technologies Co., Ltd.
Digis Squared Limited INOS Mobile Network Testing, Drive Testing, Walk Testing
Commsquare BVBA
Case on IT S.L.
Cyara Solutions Pty Ltd
Setelia S.A.S.
Beijing Wellservice Communication Technologies, Ltd. WSW Sword, WSW Spark
LandTop Technologies Co., Ltd. Advanced Analysis for Speech Quality (AaSQ)
JLTechwise Co., Ltd. SkyAnalyzer Wireless Network Testing and Software Analysis
Syberiz Technology Company Limited
Arcatech Ltd.
8x8, Inc.
Ningbo Putian Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Limited
Deutsche Telekom AG
Rakuten Mobile Network, Inc.
RCATSOne Incorporated
Metricell Limited
Motorola Solutions UK Limited
Enhancell Ltd.
Glean Corporation
Aubay Italia SpA (formerly ADS Assembly Data Systems SpA)
MH Acoustics LLC
Boeing Defence Australia Ltd.
Freewill FX Company Limited
Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy
Frequentis AG
Spearline Labs Limited
SmartViser SAS
NetResults S.r.l.
Netscout (formerly Tektronix Texas, LLC) Spectra2
Citrix Online Germany GmbH
Intel Mobile Communications India Pvt. Ltd.
Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. (formerly CSR)
Ibys Technologies S.A.
OPALE Systems
(formerly J3Tel)
MultiDSLA, MetricServer, ASI, QUAL IT R&D, Lab Testing, Field Testing, Functional Testing, Speech Recognition, Mobile/Satellite/Analog/ISDN/VoLTE/VoIP Network & Terminal Testing, Voice and Audio streaming over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Testing
Knowyou Technologies Shanghai Co., Ltd.
W2BI Inc., an Advantest Group Company
Qubicom Inc.
KRON Telecommunication Services
Goodix Technology (Belgium) B.V. (formerly NXP Software B.V.)
Shanghai Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd.
Nextragen Solutions GmbH, Germany
zafaco GmbH
Ercom, a Thales Company
Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co., Ltd
Square Peg Communications Inc.
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Wireless Infrastructure Technology Services Corporation
Ringcentral, Inc.
QNX Software Systems Limited
Exfo Inc.
Verveba Telecom Tapas Network Testing Services Drive Testing, Network Testing, Walk Testing, In-Building Testing
Keysight (formerly IXIA)
Solutelia, an Ookla company
ORANGE Poland / Telekomunikacja Polska S.A
Hermon Laboratories
GN Audio A/S (formerly GN Netcom A/S)
Ericsson AB
Acostek Co. Ltd. ACTS RD, Lab-Testing, Terminal Testing, Performance Tuning
Keysight NEMO (formerly Anite NEMO)
Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent)
Nokia (formerly Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc.)
Anritsu Test and Measurement Wide Area Network Testing, Mobile Network Testing, UE Conformance and Performance Testing
InfoVista TEMS (formerly TEMS Ascom Network Testing) TEMS Mobile Network Testing, Drive Testing, Walk Testing
Audio Precision, Inc. APx Series R&D, Production Testing, Feature Testing
AutoOpt Networks, Inc.
Beats Electronics, LLC
Borasys, Inc. TAS R&D, Feature Test, Mobile Network Testing, Production Test, Drive Testing
Brüel & Kjær PULSE™ Terminal & Network Testing Services R&D Test, Production Test, Terminal Testing, Network & Components Testing
CSG / Ascade AB Assure International voice carrier testing
DOLBY Laboratories, Inc.
Fraunhofer IIS R&D, Feature Test, Mobile Network Testing
GL Communications Inc. R&D, Feature Test, Mobile Network Testing (with Bluetooth), 2 and 4-wire Analog Test, VoIP Test, T1/E1 Test, Portable Drive Testing
Google, Inc.
HEAD acoustics GmbH ACQUA Terminal & Network Testing Services R&D, Lab-Testing, Terminal Testing, Network & Components Testing
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Accuver (Innowireless Co., Ltd.) Feature Test, Mobile Network Testing, Production Test, Drive Testing, Walk Testing
Intel Corporation SAS
Sigos GmbH, a mobileum company
NXP USA, Inc. (formerly Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.)
Meritech Co., Ltd. Sigma Sigma-LA, Sigma-PA, Sigma-ML
NAVER Cloud Corporation (formerly NHN)
Microsoft Mobile Oy
OPTICOM GmbH R&D, Feature Test, Mobile Network Testing, Drive Testing, Walk Testing
umlaut SE (formerly P3 communications GmbH) Network Measurement and Testing Services Mobile Network Testing, Drive Testing
Emblasoft Test and Measurement AG (formerly Polystar T&M AB)
Qualcomm, Inc.
Qualinet Systems LLC
Spirent Communications Israel Ltd. (formerly Radvision)
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG R&D, Production Test, Mobile Network Testing, Drive Testing
Samsung Cambridge Solution Centre Ltd.      
Spirent (Formerly Metrico Wireless) Nomad Network Measurement and Testing Services Feature Test, Mobile Network Testing
Spire Technology Inc. Netimizer DML, Netimizer MDM2, Netimizer LDS, LinkMaster LML R&D, Lab-Testing, Terminal Testing, Feature Test, Mobile Network Testing, Production Test, Drive Testing, Walk Testing, In-Building Testing
SwissQual AG, a Rohde & Schwarz company Mobile Network Testing, Drive Testing, Walk Testing
Spreadtrum Communications (Shanghai) co., Ltd.
tkLABS Inc.

NOTE: This reference list reports officially licensed companies, organizations, product vendors and affiliates in good standing. Companies listed above may offer products or services which incorporate POLQA under a license, or may be licensed to use POLQA for company-internal processes. Except where products are explicitly referenced, the fact that a company is listed herein does not mean that any particular product they manufacture and sell will embed a valid POLQA license. If in question, please first check directly with the relevant vendor and enquire for a license certificate. If you have further questions about license coverage, feel free to contact OPTICOM.